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Invincible: A Glorious  Tribute to Michael Jackson

INVINCIBLE, A Glorious tribute to Michael Jackson has the world's most amazing and authentic Michael Jackson impersonators. INVINCIBLE Is hailed the #1 MJ tribute show in the world! We searched all over the world to find people that could sing and dance like Michael and worked closely with them to perfect my vision of a one of a kind theatrical spectacular tribute show.

"After watching many of the Michael Jackson tribute shows, available to book for the public today. I decided to do something different. Coming from a hip hop dance theater background, I have worked with some of the best in the business such as Judith Jamison, Robert Battle , Maurice Hines, Rennie Harris,Brandon Albright and many more. They brought the magic to the stage throughout my career. With Invincible,  I created a show that truly brings back the spirit and essence of seeing Michael Jackson Live again onstage."  There is no other Michael Jackson tribute show that gives you this feeling INVINCIBLE...A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson  is as CLOSE AS IT GETS TO SEEING THE KING OF POP LIVE ONSTAGE AGAIN!!!    It is the only MJ tribute show personally endorsed by Joe Jackson Himself!!!

Darrin Ross​ ​​

Darrin Ross


Has been producing and engineering songs since 1984 with Jam On Productions. He was recently chosen to be a cultural ambassador for the United States representing Dance Motion USA tours to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine in 2013. He has also completed the score and sound design for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Beyond The Steps PBS Documentary, and for its ballets Love Stories and Reminiscin, along with sound design and composition for Suzan Lori Parks TopDog/Underdog.


Ross is the recipient of a 2001 New York Dance & Performance
Award (Bessie) for his music composition for Rome and Jewels. Ross has worked with and established many artists in the industry such as Freeway, PM Dawn, Newcleus, Doug E. Fresh, King Britt, Zhane, Jungle Brothers, Kim Waters, Todd Terry, The Roots, Bahamadia, Victor Duplaix and more. His sound design credits include Heaven, Facing Mekka, Rome and Jewels, LOW, Same Spirit Different Movement, Impossible Izzpossible, Evolution, Champions of the Dance, BREAK! The Urban Funk Spectacular, Fallen Crumbs from the Cake, Cool Heat Urban Beat, BREAK! and Skate, The Pennsylvania Ballet, The Memphis Ballet, The Colorado Ballet, Hot Mouth, RHAW Love American Style, Maurice Hines’ Hot Feet, Carols in Color, ILLstyle and Peace Evolution and numerous dance theater works. Ross is the president of RossLive Entertainment.

Lavelle Smith Jr.

Creative Consultant/ Choreographer

As a choreographer, has created the steps that grabbed our attention for decades. Lavelle has worked with many artists such as,
Michael and Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Chris Brown, The Rolling Stones, TLC, En Vogue, Destiny’s Child, Teena Marie, Diana Ross  Rod Stewart and numerous others. Lavelle is known for making movement a part of everything we see. He is also a five-time winner of the MTV Video Music Award for “Best Choreography” in 1992 for “My Lovin’,” 1993 for “Free Your Mind,” 1994 for “What a Man,” 1995 for “Scream” and 2003 for Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love,” as well as a two-time recipient of the Music Video Producers Award for “Outstanding Choreography.” Lavelle is cited as one of the youngest inductees into the “Gallery of
Greats” and has received numerous other award nominations, including an Emmy and a Bob Fosse Award for “Best Choreography.”
He has also been inducted into the DuPont Manuel Hall of Fame.

Lavelle was recently seen on the television shows Move like Michael Jackson and Better Than. He appeared in the documentary on
Dance in Old Hollywood.  He has been seen twice as a guest
on the Piers Morgan Show on CNN for being a longtime friend to Michael Jackson for over 23 years. Currently Lavelle is at the top of his game collaborating and doing workshops and lectures, as well as mentoring new artists while sharing his immense knowledge of working with the King of Pop.


Pete Carter:

Dancing Michael

born and raised in New Jersey, has been thrilling audiences as Michael Jackson ever since he was a young boy. At just 8 years old, Pete
would dance in front of his idol on the TV screen as his mother sewed replica Michael Jackson costumes fitted just for him. For the past 15 years, Pete has been professionally impersonating the King of Pop for audiences across the country. In April of 2009, Pete was able to spend time with Michael Jackson in what would be his final moments. He asked Michael to autograph his back in Sharpie marker- and then got it permanently tattooed on later that night. A one-of-a-kind mark of a true legend left behind on Pete for his entire life.  Pete has the blessing of MJ with him always.In July of 2009, Pete attended Jackson’s memorial service at the Staples Center, leaving behind a promise to Michael to do everything in his power to keep MJ’s legacy alive for years to come.

Jeffrey Perez:

Singing Michael

Jeffrey Perez is one of the best ,new and exciting Michael Jackson tribute artists to take center stage. Music has always been a big part of Jeffrey’s life, and he’s not just any performer but indeed a special one. At the age of 1 he began to bounce to the beat of Michael Jackson’s Bad Album and began to mimic the iconic legend. At the age of 3 he became obsessed with the entertainer and started to structure his career mastering Michael’s sound, body language and look. Today he has become a hit tribute performer across the United States. In his spare time he is working on an upcoming solo album. There are many other Michael Jackson tribute artists, some have a remarkable resemblance and others can dance or even sing like the King Of Pop, Jeffrey does it all from four different eras and artistically portrays Michael Jackson like no one else can.

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